Frequently Asked Questions

Bill Pay & Recharge

Bill payments can be made for the following categories: Electricity, Gas, DTH, Telecom, Loan EMI, Insurance, Water, NETC FASTag, Cable TV, Education Fees, Broadband Postpaid, Clubs & Association, Credit Card, Health Insurance, Hospital Pathology, Housing Society, LPG Gas, Landline Postpaid, Life Insurance, Loan Repayment, Mobile Postpaid & Prepaid, Municipal Services, Municipal Taxes, Subscription & Water.

You get a single app to pay your various bills across 6000+ billers at zero convenience fees on Spice Pay – Mini.

No, there will be no charges for bill payment done via Spice Pay – Mini app.

Yes, you can check the amount before paying the bill from your wallet account. Please note that all billers will not display the amount due for bill payment.

You may make your Bill Payments currently with your wallet account – only. Spice Pay wallet account is issued by Spice Money Ltd., a non-bank PPI issuers authorized by Reserve Bank of India.

  • Select the biller for which you want to make a payment (the biller can be saved for future payments by selecting ‘Add to My Bills’)
  • Enter your biller ID (subscriber ID, customer ID etc)
  • The next screen will contain the bill details like amount. Not all billers will display the bill amount
  • If the bill is not displayed, a confirmation screen will be displayed, else it will not be displayed.
  • Click on pay using your Wallet account (wallet balance will be shown)
  • Enter m-PIN or “Android PIN/pattern/biometric/FaceID”
  • You will receive a confirmation & receipt for the bill payment
  • Yes. You will get an online confirmation for Bill Payment. Please note you can also check the status of your transaction under the ‘Passbook’ section of Spice Pay – Mini app.

    Existing limit for Bill payments on Spice Pay – Mini app is Rs 10,000 per month.

    As notified in Spice Pay – Mini, your money will be refunded in three working days.

    You can raise concern in “Need Help” section via the option available on Receipt of transaction. It is also available in the ‘Passbook> Receipt> Need Help’ section. Additionally, you may write to with your concern.

    Wallet account

    Any person who has a smartphone may open a Spice Pay wallet account by providing minimum details like Mobile number verified with OTP and self-declaration of name and unique identification number of any Mandatory document or Officially Valid Document (OVD). You can download the Spice Pay – Mini app from Play Store.

    No, you don’t require a Bank account to open Spice Pay wallet account.

    There are 2 types of Spice Pay wallet account:

    A. Standard account (Small PPI with Cash loading facility)

    • i. Reloadable in nature
    • ii. The amount loaded during any month shall not exceed ₹10,000/-
    • iii. The total amount loaded during the financial year shall not exceed ₹1,20,000/-
    • iv. The amount outstanding at any point of time shall not exceed ₹10,000/-
    • v. The total amount debited during any given month shall not exceed ₹10,000/-
    • vi. These PPIs shall be converted into full-KYC PPIs within 24 months, and
    • vii. Loading / Reloading can be by cash or electronic means

    B. Premium account (Full KYC PPI)

    • i. Reloadable in nature
    • ii. The amount outstanding shall not exceed ₹2,00,000/- at any point of time
    • iii. There are no limits prescribed for total credits or debits during a month
    • iv. They can be used for purchase of goods and services, cash withdrawal and funds transfer
    • v. The total amount debited during any given month shall not exceed ₹10,000/-
    • vi. Interoperability shall be enabled by allowing such PPIs to be linked with ‘UPI’ and ‘Card network’

    You can top-up (load/re-laod) your wallet account using any of the following options:

      • i. Load wallet using electronic means namely,
      • a. Debit card
      • b. Credit Card (a CCF will be applicable)
      • c. Net Banking, and iv) UPI
    • ii. Transferring funds from your Internet Banking/ UPI app to an allotted Bank account number & IFSC
    • iii. By paying cash to Spice Money Adhikari at a Spice Money Smart Banking Point

    You may add money into your spice pay wallet account, by paying cash to an Adhikari at your nearest Spice Smart Store. The monthly limit are:

    • a. In case of Standard account (Small PPI with Cash loading facility) cash loading of PPIs is limited to ₹ 10,000/- per month subject to overall limit of the PPI
    • b. In case of Premium account (Full KYC PPI) cash loading of PPIs is limited to ₹ 50,000/- per month subject to overall limit of the PPI

    A Standard account (Small PPI with Cash loading facility) can be held for a maximum period of 24 months only. The 24 months shall be counted from the day of opening such a wallet account. Within this period of 24 months, it has to be converted into a Premium account (Full KYC PPI) failing which, no further credit in such PPI shall be allowed. However, you ( PPI holder) shall be allowed to use the available wallet balance.

    A Wallet account with no financial transaction for a consecutive period of one year shall be made / treated “Inactive” after sending a notice on SMS alert to you (PPI holder). Your wallet account will be reactivated only after validation and applicable due diligence.

    Your wallet account statement with details like date of transaction, debit / credit amount, net balance and description of transaction shall be available in Passbook section. You (PPI holder) will also get an to generate / receive account statements for at least past 6 months.

    Interoperability enabled through “UPI” and/or “Card network” is allowed only for Premium account (Full KYC PPI). We will soon be enabling the process for converting Standard account (Small PPI with Cash loading facility) to Premium account (Full KYC PPI) using v-cip or e-KYC.

    Unauthorized charges If there are ever unauthorized Spice Pay charges in your wallet account, you can dispute the charge with us. You must notify us as quickly as possible and no later than 7 days after the date of the transaction. Unless you've acted fraudulently or with negligence, you may not be held responsible for the charge. You are covered under RBI Customer Protection – Limiting Liability of Customers in Unauthorised Electronic Banking Transactions.
    Transaction disputes If you submit payment for a product or service and you don't receive the item or if it is materially different than advertised by the merchant, you can dispute the transaction and request reimbursement. You can raise dispute in “Dispute” section via ‘Passbook> Receipt> Need Help > Dispute ’ section. Additionally, you may write to with your concern.

    All wallet account transactions involving debit to the wallet, including cash withdrawal transactions, are permitted only by validation through a 2FA. The 2FA for Recharge & Bill Pay using wallet account are i) Device + Sim auth, and ii) “m-PIN or “Android PIN/pattern/biometric/FaceID”

    Refunds in case of failed / returned / rejected / cancelled transactions shall be applied to the respective Wallet account immediately, to the extent that payment was made initially by debit to the wallet account, even if such application of funds results in exceeding the limits prescribed for that type / category of PPI.

    You will get SMS alert or any payment transaction in your Wallet account. In addition, an e-mail alert may also be sent, wherever registered. The transaction alert shall have a contact number and / or e-mail id on which the you (PPI holder) can report unauthorised transactions or notify the objection.

    Lock & Unlock

    Yes, you can “lock” and “unlock” debit to your wallet account. You can do so either based on your i) preferred timing or ii) lock it until the next “unlock”.

    You can “lock” your account by selecting the Lock Account option from the Home dashboard.

    We are here to help

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