• Bada Bazaar Services
  • Spice Money Bada Bazaar is an effort to provide eCommerce facilities to our customers. Through the Spice Money Bada Bazaar, customers can visit their SMAs and purchase products from platforms such as IFFCO and Amazon. Adhikaris have an opportunity to earn commissions with every order placed through them on these platforms.

IFFCO eBazaar

Spice Money has collaborated with IFFCO to create ‘IFFCO eBazaar’. The IFFCO eBazaar is the largest digital market selling agricultural products and get them home delivered. Farmers place the order with their respective Spice Money Adhikaris. Through the IFFCO eBazaar the Adhikaris get an opportunity to build an eCommerce business with zero investment. They also stand to earn attractive commissions and deals with every order placed with them.

IFFCO Bazaar
Amazon Easy Pay

Amazon Easy

Spice Money has partnered with Amazon to enable a unique of shopping for our customers. The Amazon Easy is a branch of the Spice Money Bada Bazaar wherein customers can visit their nearest SMA and order products from Amazon and get them home delivered.