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Building a reliable pan-India, network of high-growth nanopreneurs, reshaping the way they and their communities access financial and non-financial services.

About (Merchants) Adhikaris

The Game Changers

From making a difference for others to making a difference in their own life: Spice Money (Merchants) Adhikaris come from various walks of life and backgrounds, including those with graduate degrees, disabilities, and a will to uplift rural communities or those who are undergraduates, women, or are simply willing enough to be the drivers of change. They do not just earn a living from becoming rural entrepreneurs but also respect, fostering a meaningful sense of purpose for themselves and those they serve.

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Making the difference

Time and money

Of the many banking challenges that prevail, the biggest is the distance and infra. Rural citizens, who have to otherwise endure the inconvenience of travelling long distances to a distant bank merely to withdraw cash, can now do so at a POS nearby. This not just saves a significant amount of time but also limits their travelling expense.


There are times when a village would have an ATM nearby, but it either runs out of cash or it breaks down, thereby adding to rural citizens’ discomfort of access to their own money. But our strategically located Spicemoney Adhikaris bring financial transactions at their fingertips.

Technology and trust

A majority of senior citizens in these locations still believe in the traditional method of borrowing from and within their community. In our case, local Adhikaris are someone this old populace has known them all their life and even seen them grow up into adults in front of their own eyes. This makes all the difference as the trust they have in a known Adhikari overrides their fear of technology.

Fintech, digital services for millions under one roof/on one platform

People living in far-flung rural areas can rely on our Adhikari network for their day-to-day monetary needs and other essential and digital requirements, such as making Aadhar/PAN card, and bill payments, among many others.


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